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How to choose a suitable car luggage rack and roof box?

Anything added to the car needs to be legal and compliant, so let's look at the traffic regulations first!!

According to Article 54 of the regulations for the implementation of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China, the load of a motor vehicle shall not exceed the load weight approved on the motor vehicle driving license, and the loading length and width shall not exceed the carriage. Passenger vehicles shall not carry goods except the luggage rack outside the vehicle body and the built-in trunk. The height of the luggage rack of the passenger car shall not exceed 0.5m from the roof and 4m from the ground.

So, there can be a luggage rack on the roof, and the luggage can be placed, but it can't exceed the limits of laws and regulations.
In fact, they have two types of luggage boxes, but they can choose from too many models:

How to choose a suitable car luggage rack and roof box (1)

1. Luggage frame
General composition: luggage rack + luggage frame + luggage net.

Roof frame benefits:
a. The space limit of the luggage box is small. You can put things at will. As long as you don't exceed the height and width limit, you can put as much as you like. It's an open type.
b. Compared with suitcases, the price of luggage frames is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages of roof frame:
a. When driving, we should consider the efficiency. Maybe you cross a bridge hole and get stuck at a prominent point, and then pull things and break the net.
b. On rainy and snowy days, things can't be put, or it's not easy to put, and it's inconvenient to cover them.

2.Roof box
General composition: luggage rack + trunk.

Advantages of roof box:
a. The roof box can better protect the luggage from the wind and sun during travel, and has strong protection.
b. The privacy of the roof box is better. No matter what you put, people can't see it after you close it.

Disadvantages of roof box:
a. The size of the roof box is fixed, so it is not as random as the frame, and the volume of luggage is also relatively limited.
b. Compared with the frame, the price of the roof box is more expensive.

How to choose a suitable car luggage rack and roof box (2)

Post time: Apr-28-2022