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Is The Side Step Of A Car Really Useful?

Firstly, we need to understand which cars are equipped with side pedals. According to common sense, in terms of size, SUVs, MPVs, and other relatively large cars will also be equipped with side pedals.
Let's create a group of pictures for you to experience:





If JEEP doesn't have side pedals, the lady will ask you how to get up there. Don't ask how the lady knows~~And, most importantly, if MAN JEEP doesn't have side pedals, where do you put his dignity!

Some old-fashioned European cars:



There are different opinions on the appearance and practicality of installing foot pedals. I personally thinks it's still necessary, why? Listen, let me talk to you carefully.

Vehicle assistance


Installing side pedals can help people who can't get on the car in one step with great assistance, making it easy to get on the car. For example, children, elderly people, lady, and so on.
The child mentioned here is not a baby held in hand or a tall and powerful child, but a child who, out of embarrassment, does not need a baby chair and cannot step onto the cart. I wants to say, are you planning to have your child jump into the car?

Anti scratch


With side pedals, it can effectively prevent some scratches on the car body caused by collisions. Madam will tell you that a slightly wider side pedal can also effectively prevent sewage thrown out by the tires from the car body on rainy days.

Easy to find things


This type of large car is not like a typical car. Suddenly, the thought of finding something on the car made it very convenient. As soon as I bent down, I crawled into the car and searched for it casually. But the big car doesn't work anymore. He's tall, and when you bend down, you can safely touch the chair. Do you bend over and lie on the chair looking for it? With the installation of side pedals, you can smoothly bend down and get into the car to search for things by stepping on the side pedals. Even if it doesn't work, you can still find things sitting on the side pedals, and even garbage in the corner can be easily picked up.

Cool Look

After installing the side step, it becomes more atmospheric and the level is even higher! Imagine if they didn't have side pedals installed, they wouldn't have their style properly!


Post time: Apr-11-2023